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Top 5 Most Creative Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom… You Won’t Believe #4!

Fact: the party bus is even more fun than the dance.

Fact: the party bus is even more fun than the dance. (415) 692-1465

Prom is the most exciting night of the entire high school career. All of the homework and tests and awkward moments you’d like to forget are worth it in exchange for one prom night you’ll always remember. The prom preparation formula has many essential ingredients, from the outfit that represents your personal style, to the SF party bus that will get your group to the dance in style. But I think we all agree that the most important part of prom is choosing the perfect date.

Maybe there’s one special person on your mind, or possibly you’re narrowing down your list of campus favorites. When you’re ready, it’s time to ask the big question: Will you go to prom with me? Impress your date with a fun, unique and memorable promposal. Here’s your inspiration!

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1. Pop Star Prom Proposal: The Music Video
Luke Morrel channeled his inner Jason Derulo and recorded a spoof-music video for the 2014 hit song “Talk Dirty To Me.” This is no backyard production – Morrel and his two buds dressed up and got the choreography down to the very last umbrella spin. And of course they included the song’s signature saxophone solo, when Morrel subbed in his own lyrics, “talk prom to me.” We applaud the commitment and creativity.

2. Acoustic Prom Proposal: The Spontaneous Concert
You know what’s scarier than giving a speech in high school? Playing the guitar and singing a song that you wrote in front of the entire class. Well, at least for most teens, but definitely not for Jason Pitts. This teen talent went above and beyond to ask his date to the big dance, and it totally worked. Pitts serenaded his lady love with lyrics straight from the heart, and he even brought out a crew of backup singers to balance out the harmony. Bonus points, he named the song “Lianna, You’re So Beautiful.” A+ for originality and execution.

3. Loudspeaker Prom Proposal: The Compliments Heard Around the World
Compliments will get you everywhere, boys. Especially when they’re so loud that literally every other girl at school can hear and get instantly jealous. And this high school Romeo sounded sincere when his voice suddenly took over the campus loudspeaker, saying: “Amanda… you’re beautiful, funny, athletic, and you know how to make me smile. You’re everything I could ever ask for, so I have one simple question to ask you. Will you go to prom with me?” Nailed it. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to the school girls screaming!

4. Fake Your Own Death Prom Proposal: Fear Leads to Romance?
When your grandfather is a firefighter and has access to an ambulance, gurney and all of the emergency situation essentials, your prom proposal might go in a dark direction. Or at least that’s what happened for one high schooler. The video (narrated by mom who loves the camera a little too much) follows the whole process, from a first look at his zombie-inspired makeup, to the ride in the ambulance and the arrival at his date’s house, as he’s rolled to her front door on a gurney. He remains in character (because he’s dead, duh) and the EMT hands her a sign that reads: I would die if you didn’t go to the senior ball with me.

5. Dance Audition Prom Proposal: Embarrassment Also Leads to Romance, Apparently
If you’re into super awkward dance moves and classic Britney Spears jams, this prom proposal is for you. Actually, maybe Cooper Brown should have saved those moves for you because his hopeful date honestly didn’t seem too into the performance. Nevertheless, Brown really went for it and fake-auditioned for her high school dance team with the goal of “embarrass[ing] her like no other while at the same time getting her acceptance to our high school prom.” Brown’s charm and courage won him the date of his dreams.

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