Cali Party Bus FAQ’s

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, (All c.c transactions do require a 3% service charge), a cashiers check made out to Cali Party Bus, or cash. You may also split the payment if you would like and pay part cash, part credit card. We DO NOT accept personal checks

What is an appropriate tip for the driver?
Gratuity should always be paid in cash directly to the driver at the time of pick up or at the end of your trip. A Gratuity of 10-20% is strongly encouraged for ALL trips, unless a pre-determined gratuity has been determined with your sales agent and included in your total balance.

What specials or discounts do you offer?
Specials change month to month so please call our reservation specialist for more information and details We do offer significantly lower rates on our Sun-Thursday reservations as well as 1 hour free on select vehicles with minimum 5-hour rental.

Can we drink alcohol on the bus?
Yes, alcohol is permitted on the vehicle long as EVERYONE on the bus is at least 21 years old. If there is a mixed group of both 21+ and under 21 on board, alcohol is not permitted.

Do you supply us with alcohol?
No, however you may purchase them through our partner Office Libations HERE. Alternatively, you may BYOB. You are welcome to bring any beverages you would like onto the bus. We supply cups and paper towels to accommodate your beverages during your trip.

Can we have a keg on board?
No.  Kegs cause large amounts of spillage which results in excessive messes and damage to the vehicles. Please limit your beverage types to cans and glassware.

Can we smoke on the bus?
No. Smoking of any substance regardless of whether it is for “medical reasons” is strictly prohibited on all party buses and will be subject to a $150 fine per occurrence. If you would like to have a smoke break please let the driver know and they will take you to a safe location where you can smoke off the bus.  E-cigarettes and vaping devices are OK.

Can we bring food on board?
No. You are welcome to bring food with you on the trip and store in in the luggage compartment for consumption off the vehicle.

Is there a minimum number of hours for the bus rental?
Yes. For a Friday there is a 4-hour minimum, Saturday, there is a 5-hour minimum.  On a Sunday- Thursday, there is a minimum of 4 hours. Certain events have other minimum requirements.

At what point in time does my reservation begin. And end?
Your reservation starts at your scheduled pickup time. This means, unlike other companies, we do not charge for travel time. Your trip ends once the last patron exits the bus.

Can you get our group into a club for free?
Although we do not make entry reservations at night clubs for groups, we will gladly take you to any club of your choosing.  We encourage you to contact the club of your choice directly to discuss table service and entry requirements.

Is there an additional charge for trips outside of San Francisco?
Sometimes. We have a 40-mile radius from out bus terminal in 94601 zip code where there is no fuel charge. Anything outside of the 40-mile radius, there may be an additional charge depending on a few different factors: How many hours the bus is rented for, what day of the week the bus is being rented and a few others. Typically the travel charge is an additional $100 – $250. Please call for details.

For events were minors are present, does there need to be a guardian on board?
Yes and No. For any non-prom or dance related event a host 25 years or older is required on board the vehicle to supervise. Prom and formal related events do not require a parent or host on board. We do record a parent present at the time of pick up and drop off, and a signature from each minor agreeing to our Minor and Alcohol Agreement. You may ask for a “host/designee” supplied by Cali Party Bus for an additional $25/hr. This host will be a well trained and trustworthy employee of the company that can act as a liaison between the kids and the driver and assist with supervision and questions regarding features of the bus.

What is the deposit to rent the bus?
We do not collect a deposit that is applied towards the balance due however an “authorization hold” for the party bus of $250 is required at the time of reservation and lock in the bus for your group. The card is not charged, only authorized for $250 for regular events and $500 for certain events to ensure that there are funds available in case of cancellation or damages. (Please see terms and conditions for damage fees).

When will I get my authorization hold back?

The Monday following your trip your security hold will be released upon vehicle inspection. The hold can take 1-2 business days to disappear from the pending transaction column of your online bank statement. Once released, the transaction will not appear as a positive credit back into your account as the funds were only “held” as an authorization and not fully captured. An “authorization hold” is the practice within the banking industry of verifying the availability of funds to a debit or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable until the merchant clears the transaction.