Brewery Tours & Tastings San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed to be one of the best regions in the world for beer. With hundreds of micro-brews to choose from, your pallette will surely be satisfied on a Cali Party Bus brewery tour. If you crave a stout or a sour, a hazy ipa or a traditional lager, our brewery tours have all the best beer tasting options. Please note the tastings and reservations are not included in the cost of our rates. We provide transportation services only. Please contact the breweries of your choice for tasting fees and availability.

How to Plan a Brewery Tour in San Francisco?

Invite up to 45 friends.
Complete our online rate request to view availability and prices.
Pick your Bay Area beer region(s).
Select 3 or 4 craft breweries you want to visit.

What Are the Best Bay Area Breweries to Visit?

The San Francisco Bay Area is vast and varied, much like its microbrewery scene. There is no better way to explore the Bay than to taste your way through the craft beer scene. Here at Cali Party Bus we have been transporting groups on brewery tours for over a decade. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about the best breweries for large group beer tastings. From San Francisco, to the East Bay, North Bay and South Bay, here are our top picks for your Bay Area brewery tour.

For more information about different beers and breweries check out the Bay Area Brewers Guild.