Local Style Spotlight: Meet Matt Berger of Cali Party Bus

If you party the Insider way, weekly RSVP’ing for VIP entry to the best San Diego events, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself aboard Cali Party Bus.

These custom-built limo buses are the ultimate in luxury transportation, ensuring you travel in the height of style. From free trips to Intervention to Temecula wine tours, by now you know limo buses are the only way to ride in San Diego, but you may not yet know the man behind the wheel.

Meet Matt Berger – the self-proclaimed disco light guru turned luxury transportation buff who steers every element of the Cali Party Bus operation. This stripper pole connoisseur builds every bus by hand without scratching his Curtis & Co. watch, while lounging at Firehouse, Bloody Mary in hand, receiving Hollywood style tips from an inside source and never slipping on his tan.

DiscoverSD: Can you tell us about your involvement in the San Diego scene?

Matt: As the owner of one of the largest limo and party bus companies in San Diego, we provide safe, affordable, luxury transportation to events, concerts, clubs, and private parties. We emphasize the experience of the journey, and our vehicles are essentially nightclubs on wheels. We often hear that the bus ride is the highlight of the night. If there’s a big event going on in San Diego, we brought the people there.

DSD: Outside of work, where can we find you in San Diego?
M: If I’m not working under a bus, I can often be found rollerblading with Slow-Mo on the boardwalk in Mission Beach. At night I frequent rooftop lounges at Firehouse, Float, Stingaree, and one of my new favorite spots is Syrah.

Late night, my go-to spot is Golden Dragon in Hillcrest, love the honey walnut chicken. Daytime I like to show off my Hollywood tan at the downtown pool parties like Intervention and KIN Sundays. And nothing cures a hangover better then a Bloody Mary from Waterfront.

DSD: In just 3 words, describe your style.
M: Cool, California, casual.

DSD: What 3 things do we need to know?
M: I have a celebrity stylist, who happens to be my sister, Anya Sarre of Entertainment Tonight. I am a closet rack diver. Everything looks better with a tan.

DSD: Who are your celebrity fashion icons?
M: It’s a toss-up between my clients P-Diddy and Kanye West. They always look crisp and fresh, and are cutting edge in their personal appearance choices and designers. They have been able to reinvent themselves and have proven the test of time.

DSD: A local nightlife expert, what is your go-to outfit for a night out in the Gaslamp?

M: A Domenico Vacca shirt or a simple Kenneth Cole or Calvin Klein modern fit shirt with French cuffs, Geoffrey Bean cuff links, Hugo Boss blue blazer (don’t forget the pocket square), or a crushed velvet blazer in winter with a Donald Trump scarf. AG dark denim jeans and Air Colehaan dress shoes by Nike. My suits have to be custom Sanford Bryant. And I never walk out the door without my stunna watch by Curtis and Co. and white rim gold Gucci glasses.

DSD: Where do you shop in San Diego?
M: Barney’s is a no brainer, and Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley is a gold mine. Forever 21 actually has some really good affordable men’s clothes as well.

DSD: If tomorrow was your last day on earth, what would you wear?
M: Silk pajamas, Heffner style.

DSD: Have you ever had a fashion disaster?
M: I went through a hip-hop phase when I was younger. I tried to be a Jewish rapper before the Matisyahu era (that rappin’ rabbi). It wasn’t a good look. Something is just wrong about baggy jeans and yamakas.

DSD: What is one fashion trend you will never support?
M: Socks and sandals make me nauseous. It’s like drinking orange juice after you brush your teeth, it’s just sour.

Love Matt? So do we. Go seek wardrobe inspiration from Matt on Temecula wine tours aboard a San Diego limo bus.

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By Michelle Guerin